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Giorgio Giacaglia

Giorgio Eugenio Oscare Giacaglia, Italian-born Brazilian engineer and physicist (Genoa 28 March 1935 -

One of the firsts scientists in the world to observe Pacific decadal oscillation

Authored the influential book Perturbation methods in non-linear systems (1972)


With A. Carvalho Jr. Improvement in process of degassing using MASP methodology. Engin. Res. 6:1-24, 2015

With W.Q. Lamas & J.L. Silveira. Development of a methodology for cost determination of wastewater treatment based on functional diagram (2009)

With W.Q. Lamas, J.L. Silveira & J.R. Camargo. Development of a control system for cogeneration with biogas associated to a small wastewater treatment station (2007)

Machining of commercially pure titanium (2001)

A new mechanical envelope for Schweizer CB330 helicopter (1997)

Formulated a computer program for the orbit correction of Pluto

Computer program for controlling dams and floodgates (1992)

Graphite impregnation for energy harvesters (1986)

New method of representation of satellite data applicable to geodesy (1982)

A new method for processing geophysical data employing artificial satellites (1974) 


A simple theory of Trojan asteroids (1983)

A generalization of Lagrange's formula for implicit functions (1981)

With C.A. Lundquist. A geopotential representation with sampling functions (1971)


With L.O.M. Reis, W.E.G. Abreu & O.G. Oliveira. Conjunto de sensores para monitoramento de disjuntores de extra-alta tensão PI0603706-2 A2 (2006)


Honorary Member, Sigma Gamma Tau Society (1971) & International Symposium on Dynamics Problems of Mechanics