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Giambiagi brothers

Juan José Giambiagi Persico, Argentine / Brazilian theoretical physicist (Buenos Aires 18 January 1924 – Rio de Janeiro 08 January 1996)
Regarded as expert of world renown on quantum field theory  
Authored about 90 scientific works


Developed elimination divergence method in quantum field theory and in six dimension super symmetry

Invented analytical regularization method

With C.G. Bollini & A. Gonzalez Dominguez. Analytic regularization and the divergence of quantum fields theories. Nuovo Cimento 31:550-61, 1964  

Invented dimensional regularization method

With C.G. Bollini. Dimensional Regularization. J. Nuovo Cimento 12 B:20, 1972
Eponym of Bollini-Giambiagi potential  


An alternative dimensional reduction prescription. Mod. Phys. Lett A 11(13):1037-45, 1996

With C. G. Bollini & O. Obregon. Criteria to fix the dimensionality  corresponding to some higher derivative Lagrangians. Modern Phys. Lett. A 7(7):593-9, 1992

With C.G. Bollini. Lagrangian procedures for higher order field equations (1986)

With C.G. Bollini. Relations between effective potentials in different dimensions. Phys. Lett. B 134(6):436-8, 1984

With C.G. Bollini. A differential equation for the self-energy in momentum space. Phys. Lett. 10(2):219-21, 1964

With M. Giambiagi, Segre de Giambiagi & C.G. Bollini. On a SC method for determining bond orders in alternant hydrocarbons.  

Visiting Researcher, California Institute of Technology (1958)

Visiting Researcher, Centre Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire (1976)
His brother, Mario Giambiagi Persico, Argentine / Brazilian quantum chemist (1928 – Rio de Janeiro 08 March 2002)
Authored over 60 papers

First to define bond indices for multicenter systems

With M. Segre de Giambiagi & K.C. Mundim. Definition of a multicenter bond index. Struct. Chem. 1(5):423-7, 1990
With R. C. Ferreira & M. Segre de Giambiagi. Une approximation pour lês parametres semi-empiriques conjuguées. J. Chim. Phys. 61:694, 1964  
With M. Segre de Giambiagi presented simple rules for the bond order properties of conjugated organic molecules having two-fold symmetry (1979)

Proposed a MO multicenter bond index as a measure of aromaticity

With M. Segre de Giambiagi, C.D.S. Silva & A.P. de Figueiredo. Multicenter bond indices as a measure of aromaticity. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2:3381-92, 2000

With M.S. Giambiagi found an analytical expression relating softness with the experimental molecular polarizability (1993)

With M.S. Giambiagi proposed a definition for the number of electrons X involved in a three-center bond, based upon the corresponding two-center bond indices (1994)

With C.G. Bollini, M.S. de Giambiagi & A.P. de Figueiredo. Graphical linking of MO multicenter bond index and VB structures. II-5-c rings and 6-c heterocyclic rings. Struct. Chem. 12(2):113-20, 2001

With F. Cernuschi & M.S. de Giambiagi. Application d’un modele d’ordre a courte distance aux electrolytes forts  

With J.J. Giambiagi, M. Segre de Giambiagi & C.G. Bollini. On a SC method for determining bond orders in alternant hydrocarbons.  

Eponym of Giambiagi bond order