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Ghosh brothers

Bhupendra Nath Ghosh, Indian chemist (Arambag Village, Hooghly District, West Bengal April 1900 – Calcutta 26 May 1988)


Isolated a cardiotoxin and a respiratory toxin from snakes venom as well as enzymatic inhibitors

Verified experimentally the effect of surface conductance in modifying the zeta potential of the particles

Proposed an original equation for the rate of colloids coagulation

Developed equations for the variation of activity, conductance, viscosity and molal volume in terms of cube-root of concentration  


Deriving equation to account for the effect of added electrolytes on the viscosity of sols

Modification of the equations for the electroviscous effect of colloidal electrolytes

Equation to account quantitatively for the variation of apparent molal volume of strong electrolytes in solution according to cube root of concentration


This text was extracted partially from J. Indian Chem. Soc. 66:71-2, 1989
His brother, Jnanendra Chandra Ghosh, Indian chemist (Purulia, East Bengali 14 September 1894 – Calcutta 21 January 1959)
Created the theory of complete dissociation of electrolytes (1918), that was improved and revised by Debye in 1923 

Eponym of Ghosh equation for the conductance of binary electrolytes and Langmuir-Ghosh equation for colloids

Ghosh-Mitter procedure described in Quart. J. Ind. Chem. Soc 4:353-66, 1928