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Felix Gonzalez Bonorino

Felix Gonzalez Bonorino y Haurou, Argentine geologist and petrologist (Buenos Aires 17 August 1918 – 02 October 1998) 

From Italian, English and French descent 

Systematized metamorphic processes 

Sistemática de los procesos metamórficos. Rev. Asoc. Geol. Arg. 1(3):219-30, 1946

Described and characterized mylonitic belts that pass through batholiths 

Granitos y migmatitas de la falda occidental de la sierra de Aconquija. Rev. Asoc. Geol. Arg. 6 (3):137-86, 1951

Proposed the mechanical origin of schistosity 

The mechanical factor in the formation of schistosity. Proceed. Intern. Geol. Congress 18:303-18, 1960

Proposed that inverse faults should become horizontal in depth   

Postulated models of Tertiary compressive tectonics