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Federico Gomez Santos

Federico Gómez Santos, Mexican pediatrician (Coahuila de Zaragoza 17 November 1898 – Ciudad de Mexico 09 February 1980)

Developed Gómez scale for classifying anthropometric-based infantile desnutrition

Gave a definition of malnutrition and divided it into primary and secondary

Definitely identified the disease of malnutrition, simplified the terminology, established the basis for a clinical classification (weight for age), described the different degrees of intensity of the disorder and the treatment for each degree and gave as a common cause the deficient assimilation of food by the organism

Gave a definition of malnutrition and divided it into primary and secondary

Desnutrición. Boletín Med. Hosp. Inf. 3 (4):543, 1946

With J. Cravioto & R. Ramos Galván characterized the child severe malnutrition

First described nutritional recovery syndrome

With J. Cravioto & R. Ramos Galván. Nutritional recovery syndrome (Preliminary report). Pediatrics 10:513-26, 1952

Showed that third-degree child malnutrition and kwashiorkor are the same thing

With J. Cravioto, R. Ramos Galván & S. Frenk. Desnutrición de tercer grado en Mexico (kwashiorkor en Africa). Bol. Med. Hosp. Inf. 9(3):281, 1952

With J. Cravioto established new criteria in child growth dynamics and development

With R. Ramos Galván showed the chlorine concentration in the sweat and described the pattern of plasmatic amino acids showing the transient existence of metabolic blocks similar to congenital errors of metabolism


With R. Ramos Galván, J. Cravioto & S. Frenk. Prevention and treatment of chronic severe infantile malnutrition (kwashiorkor). Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 69(5):969-81, 1958

With R. Ramos Galván, J. Cravioto, S. Frenk, J. Vazquez Santaella & C. de la Peña. Fat absorption in chronic severe malnutrition in children. Lancet 268(6934):121-2, 1956