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Eleazar Guzman Barron

Eleazar Sebastián Guzmán Barrón, US/Peruvian biochemist (Huari, Ancash 18 September 1899 – Chicago 26 June 1957)
Regarded as world authority in cellular respiration and enzymatic systems associated to biological oxidations

Performed classical researches on pyruvic acid metabolism


Indicated the function of sulphydrylic compounds in metabolism


Demonstrated that cortical hormones inhibit glycolysis by inhibition of hexokinase

With M. Bacila. The effect of adrenal cortical hormones on the anaerobic glycolysis and hexokinase activity. Endocrinology 54(5):591-603, 1954


Demonstrated that enzymes containing active sulphydryl groups were capable in defending against radiations (1943)
With William A. Pearlzweig. New colorimetric method for determination of bile acids in blood. Proceed. Soc. Exper. Biol. Medicine 24:233-4, 1926.