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Chhitar Mal Gupta

Chhitar Mal Gupta, Indian molecular biologist (Bharatpur, Rajasthan State 01 September 1944 –

Authored 136 papers and 5 book chapters

Elucidated the actin cytoskeletal network in Leishmania

Delineated the factors that generate and maintain the transbilayer phospholipid asymmetry in erythrocytes and yeast plasma membranes

Defined the depth of insertion of membrane integral proteins in bilayer matrix and the factors that determine the phospholipids conformation and their packing in vesicles

Developed a novel class of liposomes which resist their lysis by blood components and survive for long in blood circulation 

Developed simple and efficient procedures for synthesis of natural and modified phospholipids 


With I.A. Modi, B.M. Khamar, A. Puri, R.S. Bhatta, R. Pratap, G.K. Jain, S. Bhadauria, a.K. Khanna, O.P. Asth & A. Ghatak. Combination of BAR antagonist and HMC CoA reductase inhibitor for treatment of dyslipidemia PCT/IB2010/000898 & WO201022407A3