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Carlos Galli-Mainini

Carlos Tulio Galli Mainini, Argentine physician (Buenos Aires 07 October 1914 – Buenos Aires 16 October 1961)
Introduced male toad test for diagnosis of pregnancy known as Galli-Mainini test
Pregnancy test with male Batracia. Endocrinology 43:349-50, 1948
Found the changes observed in smears of the urinary sediment closely parallel those seen in vaginal smears   

With E. B. del Castillo & J. Argonz. Cytological cycle of the urinary sediment and its parallelism with the vaginal cycle. J. Clin. Endocrin. 8:76, 1948

With E. B. del Castillo &J. Argonz. Smear from the female urethra and their relationship to smears of the urinary sediment. J. Clin. Endocrin. 8:1362, 1949 

A simplified perfusion apparatus for the maintenance of living organs in vitro. J. Exp. Med. 73:745-6, 1941 

Devised an artificial respirator hand-driven (1950)