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Carlos Ernesto Gordillo

Carlos Ernesto Gordillo Maldonado, Argentine petrologist and mineralogist (Villa Ascasubi, Cordoba Province 1925 – December 1984)


Cordieritite rock

Las rocas cordieríticas de Orcoyana y Cerro Negro-Soto (Cordoba). Bol. Asoc. Geol. Cordoba 2:90-100, 1974

New mineral species

With W. Schreyer & G. Werdnig. A new sodian-berylian cordierite from Soto, Argentina and the relationship between distortion index, Be content and state of hydration. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 70:421-8, 1979

With M.E.J. de Abeledo, V. Angelelli & M.A.R. de Benyacar. Sanjuanite, a new hydrated basic sulfate-phosphate of aluminium. Amer. Miner. 53:1-8, 1968

With E. Linares, R.O. Toubes & H. Winchel. Huemulite, a new hydrous sodium and magnesium vanadate from Mendoza Province, Argentina. Amer. Mineral. 51(1-2):1-13, 1966