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Biresh Chandra Guha

Biresh Chandra Guha, Indian biochemist (Mymesingh, today Bangladesh 07 June 1904 – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh State 20 March 1962)
World recognized expert on vitamins and ascorbic acid
With I.B. Chatterjee, N.C. Ghosh & J.J. Ghosh developed a technique for determination the ability of an animal tissue to synthesize vitamin C (1957)
Isolated proteins from tree leaves and grasses
With I.B. Chatterjee & N.C. Ghosh discovered and characterized enzymes aldonolactonase and L-gulonolactone oxidase (1958-60)
First to announce the presence of the bound form of ascorbic acid in plant tissues
Isolated a bound form of niacin from maize, rice and wheat bran’s

Designed anti-folic acid compounds and nucleic acid base analogues for potential application in cancer chemotherapy

With A.K. Hazra & S.K. Bose. A rapid method of surveying fungi of cellulolytic power. Sci. Cult. 24:39-40, 1958