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Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmão

Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmão, Brazilian/Portuguese cleric and inventor (Santos, São Paulo State December 1865 - Toledo, Spain 18 November 1724)

Worked as cryptographer 
Hot-air balloon (Passarola) considered as the first operational aerostat (1709) much years earlier than Montgolfier Brothers
Lens system to sunburn meat (1713)
Sucking-pressing pump (1705)
Pumping system to drain water from ship's hold (1707)
Machinery for rational exploration of peat-bogs
A mill faster than others existing until then
Improvements in output of hydraulic mills and sugar engines (1724)
Artificial earth coal (1721)

Paddle-wheel adjustable to single boats (before Kullo)

Patented a hydraulic engine (1724)

It is said that he held 9 inventions, but 8 are in imprecise documentation.