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Arturo Gomez Pompa

Arturo Gómez Pompa, Mexican botanist and ecologist (Ciudad de Mexico 21 October 1934 –

Regarded as world authority on ecology of tropical forests, studying their mechanisms of regeneration  

Developed a method for studying ecology in tropical areas

Un método para el estúdio ecológico en regiones tropicales. Mem. Congr. Mex. Botanica (1963)

Authored a paper became a classical

With S. Guevara & C. Vazquez Yanes. The tropical rain forest: a non-renewable resource. Science (1972)


Developed a botanical database using computers for storage and organization of the information independently of Theodore Crovetto in United States (1967)


Diospyros riojae 1964

Hydrangea nebulicola 1968 with Nevling

Hymenophyllum saenzianum 1970

Isoetes tryoniana 1970

Polypodium rodriguezianum 1970

Robinsonella mirandae 1962

Thelypteris villana 1970

Yucca lacandonica 1962 with Valdes


Golden Ark Medal (1984)

Tyler Prize for Environment (1994)

Chevron Medal