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Arnaldo Gabaldón

Arnaldo José Gabaldón Carrillo, Venezuelan parasitologist and tropical physician (Trujillo 01 March 1909 – Caracas 01 September 1990)
Considered world authority in paludism and gained recognition for his studies about biology, ecology and behavior of mosquitoes
Authored 163 scientific works

Proposed a method for measuring hepatomegalies

Presentación de un metodo para la medición de hepatomegalias. Gac.Med. Caracas 40:219-220, 1933.  
A method for mounting anopheline eggs. Jour. Parasit. 25(3):281, 1939.  
With G. Ulloa. A quick and easy method to determine the sporozoite index in mosquitoes. Trans. Royal Trop. Med. Hyg. 72(3):311-12, 1978.

Proposed a new climate zone named paraequatorial zone

With P. Cova-Garcia. Zoogeografia de los anofelinos em Venezuela. III. Relaciones com el terreno y el clima. Tijeretazos sobre malaria 10(3):164-79, 1946.  


Subgenus Plasmodioides 1985 (with Ulloa & Zerpa) and 5 Protozoa species

6 Diptera species


Darling Medal (1960)