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Antonio Galves

Jefferson Antonio Galves, Brazilian mathematician (São Paulo 18 June 1947 –

Recognized as one of world leaders in research about Markovian systems of particles


With F. Bertein. Une classe de systems de particules stable par association. Probab. Theory Relat. Fields 41(1):73-85, 1977

First to formulate and solve the problem of hydrodynamic behavior of a Markovian system

With C. Kipnis, C. Marchioro & E. Presutti. Non equilibrium measures which exhibit a temperature gradient: study of a model. Comm. Math. Physics 81:127-47, 1981 


First to formulate and solve the problem of metastable behavior of stochastic processes

With M. Cassandro, E. Olivieri & M.E. Vares. Metastable behavior of stochastic dynamics: a pathwise approach. J. Stat. Phys. 35:603-34, 1984

Proved that the sequence of successive entrance times in a small neighborhood converges in law when suitably normatized to a homogeneous Poisson point process.

With P. Collet. Statistics of close visits to the indifferent fixed point of an interval map. J. Statis. Physics 72(3-4):459-78, 1993

Obtained the first convergent result for exponential law of occurrence time of rare event in a conservative system

With P. Collet & A. Lopes. Maximum likelihood and minimum entropy identification of grammars. Random and Computational Dynamics. 3:241-56, 1995 

Proved that the entrance time into a small interval is asymptotically exponentially distributed (1995)

With J. Garcia & U. Gut. Vocale – a semi-automatic annotation tool for prosodic research (2002)

Introduced the function sonority as an index of the local regularity of the speech signal

With J. Garcia, D. Duarte & C. Galves. Sonority as a basis for rhythmic class discrimination (2002)

With M. Cassandro, P. Collet, D. Duarte & J. Garcia. An universal linear relation among acoustic correlates of rhythm (2003)

Presented a new class of random fields which are the variable neighborhood random fields

With M. Cassandro & E. Locherbach. Partially observed Markov random fields are variable neighborhood random fields. J. Statis. Phys. 147(4):795-07, 2012

With Eva Locherbach developed Galves-Locherbach model for spiking neurons

With E. Löcherbach. Infinite Systems of Interacting Chains with Memory of Variable Length - A Stochastic Model for Biological Neural Nets". Journal of Statistical Physics, 151(5): 896–921, 2013

Introduced a notion of sensitivity of the contact process to its initial condition

With M. Cassandro & E. Locherbach. Information transmission and criticality in the contact process. J. Statis. Physics 168(6):1180-90, 2017 

With E. Locherbach, C. Pouzat & E. Presutti. A system of interacting neurons with short term plasticity (2019)


With E. Presutti. Edge fluctuations for the one dimensional supercritical contact process. Ann. Probab. 15:1131-45, 1987 

With E. Presutti. Travelling wave structure of the one dimensional contact process. Stoch. Process Appl. 25:153-63, 1987 


With A. Duarte, R. Fraiman, G. Ost & C. Vargas. Context tree selection for functional data (2016)

With A. Garivier & E. Gassiat. Joint estimation of intersecting context tree models. Scand. J. Statis. 40 (2013)

With N.L. Garcia, E. Locherbach & E. Orlandi. Kalikow-type decomposition for multicolor infinite range particle system. Ann. Appl. Probability 23(4):1629-59, 2013

With C. Galves, J.E. Garcia, N.L. Garcia & F. Leonardi. Context tree selection and linguistic rhythm retrieval from written texts. Ann. Appl. Statis. 6(1):186-209, 2012

With E. Locherbach & E. Orlandi. Perfect simulation of infinite range Gibbs measures and coupling with their finite range approximations. J. Statis. Phys. 138(1-3):476-95, 2010

With M. Cassandro, P. Collet, D. Duarte & J. Garcia. A stochastic model for the speech sonority. Mathem. Sci. Hum. (2007)

With J.A. Cuesta-Albertos, R. Fraiman, J. Garcia & M. Svarc. Identifying rhythmic classes of languages using their sonority: a Kolmogorov-Smirnov approach. J. Appl. Stastis. 34(6):749-61, 2007

With F. Leonardi. Sequence motif identification and protein family classification using probabilistic trees (2005)

With M. Abadi. A version of Maurer’s conjecture for psi-mixing processes. Nonlinearity 17(4):1357-66, 2004  

With D. Duarte, N. Lopes & R. Maronna. The statistical analysis of acoustic correlates of speech rhythm. Rhyth. Patt. Param. Sett. Lang. Change (2001)