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Amiya Kumar Ghosh

Amiya Kumar Ghosh, Indian palaeopalynologist (Arrah, Bihar 1905 – Ranchi 18 January 1985)

Concluded that vascular plants have existed in Cambrian epoch

Did vascular plants exist in Cambrian time? (1950)

Observed that the frequency of grains with more colpi increased with the older horizons of the Pre-Miocene formations

Proved the usefulness of plant microfossils in the correlation of coal seams

With J. Sen. A study of microfossils and the correlation of some productive coal seams of the Raniganj Coalfield, Bengal, India. Trans. Min. Geo. Met. Inst. India 43:67-95, 1948

With S.S. Ghosh described the fossil plant species Anisopteroxylon jawalamukhi 1958 and Dipterocarpoxylon malavii 1959

Papers in Nature (review)

Occurrence of microflora in the Salt Pseudomorph Beds, Salt Range, Punjab. Nature 160:796, 1947

Spores and tracheids from the Cambrian of Kashmir. Nature 169:1056, 1952

Ephedra type of pollen grains from the Pre-Siwalik sediments of Punjab. Nature 198:408, 1963

HONORS (Fossil)

Ghoshia Mandal & Maithy 1984 (Algae)

Ghoshialepis Banerjee 1984 (Plantae)

Ghoshiadites Nandi 1981 (Sporae/Pollen)

Ghoshispora Srivastava 1966 (Sporae/Pollen)

Ghoshiatriletes D’Rozario & Banerjee 1987 (Sporae/Pollen)