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Te-pei Feng

Te-pei Feng, Chinese neurophysiologist  (Linhai County, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province 20 February 1907 – Shanghai 10 April 1995)
Authored over 100 scientific papers

Discovered the increase of the resting heat production of muscle on passive stretch known as Feng effect

Effect of length on resting metabolism of muscle. J. Physiol. 74:441-54, 1932
Published important studies on neuromuscular junction that were internationally recognized  (1936-41)

Discovered the phenomenon of postdenervation hypertrophy in the slow muscle fibers of the chick

With H.W. Jung & W.Y. Wu. The contrast trophic changes of the anterior and posterior latissimus dorsi of the chick  following denervation. Acta Physiol. Sinica 25:304-11, 1962