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Shouxian Fang

Shouxian Fang, Chinese nuclear physicist (Shanghai 27 October 1932 – Beijing 19 January 2020)

With Kaiyu Wei discovered a nonisochronous phenomenon in isochronous cyclotrons (1962)

Played a role in the design of a new heavy current antiproton accumulator ring

Developed a dispersion removal method for small and medium circular accelerators (1982-3)

Proposed a design of compensation of solenoid effects by skew quadruples in electron positron collider making machines performance superior to those in the world


With J. Tang & X. Guan. Equalizing method of beam emittance. CN200910077726 (2009)

With X. Du. Movable horizontal intraoperative radiotherapy apparatus. CN201110165386 (2012)

With X. Du. Method and apparatus for deflection of electronic beam of intra-operative radiation therapy apparatus . CN20110165373 (2012)

With X. Du. S-band movable horizontal intraoperative radiation therapy machine. CN201120207609 (2012)