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Roberto Farina

Roberto Farina, Brazilian plastic surgeon (São Paulo 11 June 1915 – 16 November 2001)

Developed Frontal flap method

Nose tip collapse through loss of chondro-mucous substance (repair of nasal lining). Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 13(2):137-43, 1954

Described Farina “riding trousers” type of resection

With R. Baroudi, B. Golcman & O. de Castro. Riding-trousers like type of pelvicrural lipodystrophy (trochanteric lipomatosis). Brit. J. Plast. Surg. (1960)

Invented nasolabial flap as a method of correcting nasal lining defects in leprosy patients

Collapse of the tip of the nose in leprosy caused by loss of chondro-mucosal substance (repair of the nasal mucosa with nasogenal flaps). Ann. Chir. Plast. 7:287-90, 1962


Saddle and boxer’s nose. Aesthetic Plast. Surg. 7(3):171-5, 1983

With J.B. Villano. Reduction mammaplasty with free grafting of the nipple and areola. Br. J. Plast. Surg. 25:393-8, 1972

With P.B. Magalhães, O. de Castro & B. Golcman. Ectropion and loss of palpebral substance (repair with palpebral and parapalpebral flaps) 1964

Total unilateral harelip. Correction of severe deformity of the palate and lips in a single operation: Le Mesurier’s cheiloplasty & Veau-Ernst gnatho-uranostaphyloplasty. Ann. Chir. Plast. 3:199-205, 1958

Ptose palpebral. Blefaroplastia pela técnica de Wiener-Lexer modificada (1949)