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René Geronimo Favaloro

René Geronimo Favaloro Raffaelli, Argentine cardiac surgeon (La Plata 14 July 1923 – Buenos Aires 29 July 2000)

Son of Sicilian immigrants
Authored 363 medical works

Performed first dissection of internal  mammary artery through an anterior incision (1967)


Performed the first documented successful coronary artery bypass graft (1967) 

Saphenous vein autograft replacement of severe segmental coronary artery occlusion: operative technique. Ann. Thorac. Surg. 5:334-9, 1968
Performed first bypass surgery for acute infarction (1968)

Proposed surgical treatment of evolving infarction

With D. Effler, C. Cheanvechai, R. Quint & M. Sones. Acute coronary insufficiency (impeding myocardial infarction and myocardial infarction). Am. J. Cardiol. 28:518-23, 1971
Introduced the use of mammary arteries for grafts and designed instrumentation that enable it


Favaloro vascular scissors

Morse-Favaloro rib spreader

Favaloro-Morse retractor

Favaloro proximal anastomosis

Favaloro sternal retractor (1967)

Favaloro-Semb ligature carrier

Favaloro proximal anastomosis clamp

Favaloro mammary separator

Favaloro tunneling forceps


John Scott Award (1979)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Tel Aviv University (1980)

Gairdner Foundation INternational Award (1987)

René Leriche Prize, International Society of Surgery (1989)

Gifted Teacher Award, American College of Cardiology (1992)

Golden Plate Award, American Academy of Achievement (1993)

Prince Mahidol Award (1999)

Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (1996)

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