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Oswaldo Paulo Forattini

Oswaldo Paulo Forattini, Brazilian medical entomologist and epidemiologist (Rosario, Argentina 10 January 1924 – São Paulo 15 September 2007)

Son of Italian immigrants
Authored 243 papers and 14 books
Gained world renown in epidemiology and medical entomology
Studied the epidemiology of many tropical diseases and ecology of its vectors
Elaborated an epidemiological model of transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis 

Showed that dipteran species  Psorophora ferox was competent for transmitting arbovirus in laboratory

With C.J. Mitchell & B.R. Miller. Vector competence with Rocio virus and three mosquito species from the epidemic zone in Brazil. Rev. Saude Publica 20(3):171-7, 1986.

Isolated new viral agents (Cotia and Boraceia virus)

With O. Souza Lopes, J.P.G. Lacerda, I.E.M. Fonseca, D.P. Castro & E.X. Rabello. Cotia virus: a new agent isolated from sentinel mice in São Paulo, Brazil. Amer.J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 14:156-7, 1965.

With O. Souza Lopes, J.P.G. Lacerda, I.E.M. Fonseca, L.A. Sacchetta & E.X. Rabello. Boraceia vírus. A new virus related to Anopheles B vírus. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 123:502-4, 1966.
Described at least 42 new Diptera species
Published Entomologia Medica (1962-73), a classical book in this area


John Belkin Memorial Award, American Mosquito Control Association (1995)

Subgenus Forattiniella Vargas 1978 (Diptera)

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