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Newton Faller

Newton Faller, Brazilian electrical engineer and computer scientist (Rio de Janeiro 25 January 1947 – São Paulo 09 October 1996)

Proposed the adaptive Huffman algorithms or Faller-Gallagher-Knuth algorithm, improved by Gallagher (1978) and Knuth (1985)

An adaptive system for data compression. Record 7th Asilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems and Computers, pp.593-7, 1973

Headed the group that developed multiprocessor Pegasus and operating system Tropix, a real-time Unix-like operating system for PCs (1982-6)

With P. Salembach & M.L. Anido. Design techniques used in the construction of the Pegasus 32X supermicrocomputer and the Plurix Operating System. Proc. Convención Inform. Latina (CIL-85), pp.178-95, 1985

With P. Salenbauch. Plurix: a multiprocessing Unix-like operating system. Proc. 2nd Workshop on Workstation Operating System, Washington, DC, USA, pp.29-36, 1989