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Luiz Guimarães Ferreira

Luiz Guimarães Ferreira, Brazilian physicist (Rio de Janeiro 05 January 1937 –
Authored 136 papers (until 2011)

Introduced transition state concept independent from Slater 

With J.R. Leite. Effects of the Coulomb Correlation on the Calculated Results of Atoms and Ions with and without Spin-Polarization. Physical Review A.3:1224-1230, 1971.

Proposed new atomic configurations in a crystalline lattice

Developed LDA-1/2, a new methodology for obtaining excited states of a crystal

With M. Marques & L.K. Teles. Approximation to density functional theory for the calculation of band-gaps of semiconductors. Physical Review B – Solid State 78:125116, 2008  


With C.J.A. Quadros. Fourier method of analysis of magneto-oscillatory effects. Phys. Lett. A 28(3):211-2, 1968  

A Local Approximation for Exchange and Correlation in Band Structure Calculations. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 30:1113, 1969

With J.R. Leite & J.R. Pereira. A correlation to the Liberman approximation for the exchange energy. Appl. Phys. Lett. 40 A: 315, 1972

With J. R. Pereira Neto, D. Lida & A. Agostinho Neto. Generalization of the Augmented Plane Wave Method. Journal Of Physics C 7:1076, 1974.

With A. Agostinho Neto & D. Lida. A Non-Muffin-Tin Version of the Multiple-Scattering Method for Crystals and Molecules. Physical Review B 14:354, 1976.

With S.R. Salinas & M.J. Oliveira. On a Variational Procedure for Obtaining the Thermodynamic Properties of Statistical Models. Physica Status Solidi B - Basic Research 83:229, 1977.

With P.S. Guimarães & N.J. Parada. Improved Effective Mass Approximation for Impurity Levels in Insulators. Solid State Communications 27:137, 1978.

With J.R. Leite. General Formulation of the Variational Cellular Method for Molecules and Crystals. Physical Review A  18:335, 1978

With L.M. Brescansin. A Crystalline Cluster Model for Ionic Solids: NaCl. Physical Review B 20: 3415, 1979

With P.S. Guimarães. A method to estimate the relativistic corrections in Atomic and Molecular Calculations. Solid State Communications. 32:525, 1979

Theory and Method for Accelerating the Convergence of Self-Consistent Electronic Structure Calculations. Journal of Computational Physics 36:198, 1980.

With M. A. A. Pudensi. A Method to Calculate the Reflection and Transmission of Guided Waves. J Opt Soc Am 72:126, 1982.

With M. L. Siqueira. A New Version of the Variational Cellular Method for Polyatomic Systems. Journal of Physics B - Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 16: 3111-3123, 1983.

With M. L. Siqueira. New Technique in the Calculation of Defects in Solids by Molecular Methods: Pure and Cu-doped ZnS. Physical Review B 34:5315-5319, 1986.

With M.A. Boselli. A model for relaxation in intermetallic compounds. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 9:4801-4812, 1997

With V. Ozolins & A. Zunger. A new force field for alloys: application to Cu-Au (1998)

With A.R. Lopes, M.A.P. Lima & M.H.F. Bettega. A geometrical optics model for electron-molecule collisions. Journal of Physics. B, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 39:1045-1053, 2006