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Lizhi Fang

Lizhi Fang, Chinese astrophysicist (Peking 12 February 1936 – Tucson, Arizona 06 April 2012)

Authored 340 papers, book chapters and conference papers

Suggested that the universe may be closed in Acta Astronomica Sinica 17:134, 1977

Proposed that the periodic distribution of quasars can be explained if the Universe has a non-trivial topology

Developed  new models and new predictions to the direct observations of cosmic reonization

With J. Pando developed a method for measuring the spectrum of a density field by a discrete wavelet space-scale decomposition (1985)

A new type relativistic object – SS433. Chin. J. Nature 2:695, 1979

With S.J. Gu. A new representation of (real and virtual) localized modes. Acta Physica Sinica 21:1951, 1965