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Kaitai Fang

Kaitai Fang, Chinese mathematician and statistician (Taizhou, Jiangsu Province 05 June 1940 –

Proposed the idea of uniform designs (1978) with Y. Wang

Created visualization analysis 

Developed the d operator

Found that many existing orthogonal designs were also uniform designs

Developed new methods for inference in generalized multivariate analysis

Other Contributions

Proposed a kind of regression with constraint prescription regression

With B.Q. Fang introduced three families of multivariate and matrix l1-norm symmetric distribution with location and scale parameters (1986)

With B.Q. Fang introduced a family of multivariate distributions and a criterion of the invariance of statistics (1987)

With B.Q. Fang introduced a family of multivariate symmetric distributions (1988)

With J.L. Xun defined a class of multivariate distributions including the multivariate logistic (1989)

With Y. Wang developed a sequential algorithm for optimization and its applications to regression analysis (1990) and another for solving a system of nonlinear equations (1991)

With Y. Wang & H.L. Wong developed a new method for generating the uniform distribution on the unit sphere (1992)

With R.Z. Li gave some methods for generating both an NTnet and the uniform distribution on a Stiefel manifold and their applications (1997)

With D.K.J. Lin & C.X. Ma proposed five criteria for comparing multi-level super-saturated designs (2000)

With G.E. Gennian & M. Liu proposed a discrete discrepancy as a measure of uniformity for super-saturated designs (2002) and the packing method (2004)