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Juan Santos Fernandez

Juan Santos Fernandez Hernandez, Cuban ophthalmologist (Union de los Reyes, Matanzas Province 22 July 1847 – La Habana 06 August 1922)
Authored over 2000 scientific works and notes
Studied ocular pathologies as such as ocular complications of malaria, changes in eyeground due to toxic and infectious causes, ocular surgery with anesthetic application and trachoma and its epidemic variety
Proposed the utilization of eserine in cataract operation (1875)
First reported the temporal optic disc pallor considered pathognomonic of Cuban epidemic Neuropathy and tobacco and alcohol-related amblyopia (1875)
Successful method of extraction of congenital and traumatic cataract 


Honor Academic, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology American Academy

Honor Member, Societé Ophtalmologique Française de Paris

Honorary Member, University of Pennsylvania