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Juan Carlos Forte

Juan Carlos Forte, Argentine astronomer (Buenos Aires 16 February 1949 -

During his post-doctoral research at Kitt Peak National Observatory (Arizona, USA) was involved in one of the first massive applications of digital techniques for image processing in astronomy: the study of the rich globular cluster systems associated with the giant galaxy M87


With F.R. Faifer, C.G. Escudero, M. Norris et al. First confirmed ultra-compact dwarf in the NGC5044 group. Astron. Astrophys. 599:L8, 2017

First study of metallicity-sensitive C-T1 photometry of a low-luminosity elliptical galaxy

With D. Geisler, P.G. Ostrov, A.E. Piatti & W. Gieren. The globular cluster system of the low-luminosity elliptical galaxy NGC1247. Astron. J. 121(4):1992-2002, 2001

Detected dust clouds in several globular clusters

With M. Mendez. A multicolor CCD Survey of Southern Globular Clusters (1988)

Discovered globular cluster swapping

With R.E. Martínez & J.C. Muzzio. On the origin of the globular cluster system of M87. Astron. J. 87(11):1465, 1982  

With M.A. Orsatti. Un sistema W Cephei lejano en Puppis. Bol. Asoc. Argent. Astron. 25:31, 1980


A new (g-i) vs. (C-T1) colours calibration

With G. Moyano Loyola & F.R. Faifer. Globular clusters: chemical abundance-integrated colour calibration. Bol. Asoc. Argent. Astron. 53:133-6, 2010

A technique to extract ultra-deep diffuse-light spectra from the standard multi-object spectroscopic observations used to investigate extragalactic globular cluster systems

With M.A. Norris, R.M. Sharples, T. Bridges, K. Gebhardt et al. Gemini/GMOS spectroscopy of the spheroid and globular cluster system of NGC3923. Month. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 385(1):40-52, 2008

A method that exploits the correlation between sky brightness and the intensity of airglow

With F. Faifer & J. Scheer. Estudio del brillo del cielo en El Leoncito. Bol. Asoc. Argent. Astron. 43:80-1, 1999

Defined C-T1, a new integrated metallicity index

With D. Geisler. The abundance distribution and luminosity function of globular clusters in NGC1399. Astrophys. J. Lett. 350:L5, 1990


Asteroid Forte LT8780