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Jose Raimundo Fandi

José Raimundo Fandi S., Argentine inventor (Cruz Alta, San Miguel de Tucumán Province 25 December 1926 –

His grandfather Julio invented hand shower

Founded a political party (Innovación Capitalista)

Authored a book Teoria del Todo (Theory of Everything)

Authored 250 inventions with over 100 patents


Single piece squeegge (1950)

Automatic washing machine  

Educative cup and ball toy  

Flat and extensible bench vise  

Chainless bicycle  

A smart traffic signal (with Gabiel Maissonave)

Rubber clothespin

A torpedo tubes submarine that can be carried by a helicopter

A rotary and floating house  

A hat (2013)

Single piece handle for shovels (1998)

Cap for fizzy drink packages specially siphons

A hook cam with crowbar to be used as an accessory of shoes clasps and other utilizations (1998)

A joined fuse holder and key switch apparatus

Metallic durable shuttles

Tools, packages and naval designs