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José Lopes de Faria

José Lopes de Faria, Brazilian anatomical pathologist (Capela Nova, Minas Gerais State 18 May 1917 – Campinas, São Paulo State 01 January 2009)


Authored about 80 works and 5 books


Performed original research on leprosy, vascular alterations in schistosomiasis, dissecting aneurysms, basal cells carcinoma, organic changes in shock and atherosclerosis

Performed the first studies about aeronauts breathing at high altitudes (1950s)


With L.V. Decourt, J.V. Barbas, T. Fujioka, M.F. Lion & U. Andrade e Silva. Pulmonary schistosomotic arteriovenous fistulas producing a new cyanotic syndrome in Manson’schistosomiasis. Amer. Heart J. 58:556-67, 1959

Presented a new renal biopsy technique (open kidney puncture biopsy)

With I. Nussenzveig, E. Sabbaga, C.V. Faria, H. Pastore, S. Seraphim & J.B. Magaldi. Biópsia renal: Estudo critico dos métodos e correção anatomo-clínica dos resultados. Rev. Hosp. Clin. 15:159-95, 1960 

First report in medical literature to reproduce in man the nephrotic syndrome by utilization of aminonucleoside in lab animals

With I. Nussenzveig, C.V. de Faria & J.B. Magaldi. Aminonucleoside induced nephrotic syndrome in human beings. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Nephrol. (1963)

Demonstrated the occurrence of arteriovenous anastomosis supplying the telangiectasia

With I. Novah de Moraes. Histopathology of the telangiectasia associated with varicose veins. Dermatol. 127:321-9, 1963    



Alterações uterinas e vaginais de ratas em avitaminose E. Contribuição ao conhecimento da pigmentação destes órgãos. O Hospital, 1946

Estudo da reação à lepromina (Mitsuda) em cães. Histopatologia. Significação. Thesis, 1951

Cor pulmonale in Manson’s schistosomiasis. I. Frequency in necropsy material, pulmonary vascular changes caused by Schistosoma ova. Am. J. Pathol. 30:167-93, 1954   

Pulmonary vascular changes is schistosomal cor pulmonale. J. Path. Bacteriol. 68:589, 1954

With M. Cutin, P. Morgante & R.G. Ferri. Malignant granuloma of the face. Arch. Otolaryng. 65:255, 1957

Rhabdomyosarcoma of the cerebellum. Arch. Pathol. 63:234-8, 1957

With J. Czapski, M.O. Ribeiro Leite, D.O. Penna, T. Fujioka & A.B. de Ulhoa Cintra. Cyanosis in Manson’s schistosomiasis. Am. Heart Journal 54:196-204, 1957

Medianecrosis aortae after collapse in rabbits. Pathobiol. 21(1), 1958  

Histopathological changes in coronary arteries following shock or hypotension in man. Pathobiol. 26(4), 1963

Quadro histopatológico das telangiectasias. Anais Bras. Derm. Sifil. 40:45-6, 1965

With L.L. de Faria. Predisposing effect of spontaneous mesenchymal intimal thickenings of rabbit aorta to early lipid deposition. Virchows Arch. Abt A. Pathol. Anat. 353(1):12, 1971

With M.A.S. Trevisan. Necrosis of gastric mucosa following orthostatic collapse in rabbits. Virchows Arch. A 358:105-12, 1973

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With L.S. Queiroz & J.N. Cruz-Neto. Glioblastoma multiforms of the medulla oblongata. Acta Neuropathol. 29:355-60, 1974

With L.S. Queiroz & J.N. Cruz-Neto. Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, a type of amaurotic family idiocy. Clinical and Pathological study. Arq. Neuropsiqui. 32(1):1-14, 1974  

With L.S. Queiroz & J.N. Cruz-Neto. An ependymoblastoma of the pons. J. Pathol. 115:207-10, 1975

With L. S. de Queiroz, N.B. Facure, J.J. Facure & N.P. Modesto. Pituitary carcinoma with liver metastases and Cushing syndrome. Arch. Pathol. 99:32-5, 1975

With A.M. Altemani. Non-thrombotic changes of fetal placental vessels. A qualitative and quantitative study. Pathol. Res. Pract. 182:676-83, 1987

With P.H. Nunes. Basosquamous cell carcinoma of the skin with metastases. Histopathology 12(1):85-94, 1988

With A. Andrade. Light and electron microscopy of the spontaneous intimal thickenings of rabbit aorta. A normal arterial wall growth. Pathol. Res. Pract. 186(1):167-72, 1990

With I. Nussenzveig, C. Villela de Faria & J. Barros Magaldi. Aminonucleoside induced nephrotic syndrome in human beings: report of 5 cases   

Pulmonary arterio-venous fistulas and arterial distribuition of ova of Schistosoma mansoni. Amer. J. Trop. Medicine

Contribuição ao conhecimento da endartrite pulmonar esquistossomótica


Scientific collaborator, Pathological Institute in Friburg University