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Heitor Praguer Fróes

Heitor Praguer Fróes, Brazilian physician and poet (Cachoeira, Bahia State 25 July 1900 – Rio de Janeiro 26 October 1987)

Showed that the venom of Thalassophryne act as a neurotoxin

Studies on venomous fishes of tropical countries. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 36:134-5, 1933

Sur un poisson toxiphore bresilien: le “niquim” Thalassophryna maculosa. Rev. Sud. Am. Med. Chir. 3:871, 1932   
Described the pathogenic fungi Actinomyces genesii 1932 & Actinomadura pelletieri 1931 

Developed a new technique to compute the infestation in ancylostomiasis by means of egg counting

Nova técnica para o calculo da infestação pelos ancilostomídeos por meio da contagem dos ovos (1928)

A new formula for robustness coefficient and a table for it 

Nova formula para verificação do coeficiente de robustez. J. Clinicos 4(10):150-2, 1932


Curva microlymphocytaria no impaludismo agudo. Arch. Bras. Med. 28(10):793-7, 1928

Dermatite a Coleopteres vesicants. Nouvelle experiences et observations sur les coleopteres du genre Paederus. Arch. Ital. Sci. Med. Col. 15:481-8, 1934

Il “blu di metilene” nella terapia della malaria. Riv. Mal. 13:484-6, 1934 
His father, João Americo Garcez Froes, clinician (São Francisco do Conde, Bahia State 11 October 1874 – Salvador 17 September 1964)
Described Garcez Froes cormic murmur in Sopro cormico de timbre musical e insuficiência aórtica

Proposed a formula to assess the blood pressure in O Hospital 1:59, 1916

Improved the Cropper method of detecting the malarial protozoa (Cropper-Froes method)

The rapid diagnosis of malaria. Jour. Trop. Med. Hyg. 1(9), 1913

Proposed modifications to Beclere radiographic dactyloscopy

Roentgen-dactiloscopia onicográfica. Brasil Med. 33:73-4, 1919



Transient aphasia from malaria. Bras. Med. p.469, 1912

Haemodiagnosis of tropical diseases (1913)

A case of febrile quartan malaria with urticaria. J. Trop. Med. London (1921)