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Heitor Praguer Fróes

Heitor Praguer Fróes, Brazilian physician and poet (Cachoeira, Bahia State 25 July 1900 – Rio de Janeiro 26 October 1987)

Showed that the venom of Thalassophryne act as a neurotoxin

Studies on venomous fishes of tropical countries. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 36:134-5, 1933

Sur un poisson toxiphore bresilien: le “niquim” Thalassophryna maculosa. Rev. Sud. Am. Med. Chir. 3:871, 1932   
Described the pathogenic fungi Actinomyces genesii 1932 & Actinomadura pelletieri 1931 

Developed a new technique to compute the infestation in ancylostomiasis by means of egg counting

Nova técnica para o calculo da infestação pelos ancilostomídeos por meio da contagem dos ovos (1928)

A new formula for robustness coefficient

Nova formula para verificação do coeficiente de robustez. J. Clinicos 4(10):150-2, 1932


Curva microlymphocytaria no impaludismo agudo. Arch. Bras. Med. 28(10):793-7, 1928

Dermatite a Coleopteres vesicants. Nouvelle experiences et observations sur les coleopteres du genre Paederus. Arch. Ital. Sci. Med. Col. 15:481-8, 1934

Il “blu di metilene” nella terapia della malaria. Riv. Mal. 13:484-6, 1934 
His father, João Americo Garcez Froes, clinician (São Francisco do Conde, Bahia State 11 October 1874 – Salvador 17 September 1964)
Described Garcez Froes cormic murmur in Sopro cormico de timbre musical e insuficiência aórtica


The rapid diagnosis of malaria. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 16(17), 1904

Transient aphasia from malaria. Bras. Med. p.469, 1912

Haemodiagnosis of tropical diseases (1913)

Roentgendactiloscopia onicográfica. Brasil Médico 33:73-4, 1919

A case of febrile quartan malaria with urticaria. J. Trop. Med. London (1921)