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Habib Firouzabadi

Seyed Habib Firouzabadi, Iranian organic chemist (Tehran 29 April 1943 –

Authored over 320 papers with 9,230 citations (h-index 53 and i-10 index 230)

Developed novel synthetic methodologies in aqueous and non-aqueous media as well as non-solvent organic reactions and a variety of new reagents and catalysts that have been used worldwide

Developed redox reagents selective for the mild transformation of only function in the presence of a variety of other groups, methods and reagents for C-C bond formation, transformation of groups such as alcohols or carbonyl to other functions or use of mild reagents for protection or deprotection of groups

First to report the use of barium manganate as an efficient oxidant for high yield conversion of alcohols to aldehydes or ketones in dichloromethane at ambient temperatures. Tetrahedon Lett. (1978)

Described the use of the metalloporphyrin 5,10,15,20-Tetraphenyl21H,23H-porphiniron(III) chloride as an effective catalyst for the silylation of hydroxyl groups with hexamethyldisilazane in Synth. Comm. (1997)