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Fritz Feigl

Fritz (Friedrich) Feigl, Austrian-born Jewish Brazilian analytical chemist and microchemist (Wien 15 May 1891 - Rio de Janeiro 23 January 1971)

Regarded as one of world's most notable analytical chemists of all the times
Published 550 papers

First related specific and selective properties to existence of certain groupings in molecule

Idealized and created spot tests in 1920s 
Elaborated thousand spot tests for detecting organic and inorganic substances
Introduced masking and unmasking concepts in selectivity of reactions (1955)
Defined with accuracy the concepts of limit of identification and limit of dilution 
Distinguished specific reactants from selective reactants being the concept adopted by IUPAC
Introduced with Stern capilar effect of filter paper in identifying of components by drop reactions (1921)

Provided original theoretical foundation for the analytical use of organic reagents 

Developed organic reactants for inorganic analysis 
Developed luminol  
Introduced microscale in chemistry learning

Enunciated classification principles and rules to search for new tests and analytical reagents

With A. Schaeffer developed a method for extracting caffeine from coffee and maté plants via direct sublimation


A procedure for solubilization of phosphate from phosphorous bauxite

With Krumholz & Hamburg proposed sodium sulfite as a reducing agent and as a buffer

With P. E. F. Barbosa. A new procedure for detecting acidity. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry-Analytical Edition. 14:6,  

With O. Ribeiro. Uma micro reação para a vitamina B1. Rev. Soc. Bras. Quim. 11:3-7, 1942

With E.K. Libergott. Test for elenmental arsenic and sulfur based on the formation of arsenic sulfide. Zeitschr. fur Angew. Chimie 233(6):401, 1968

With I. Ciornai, A. Espínola, P.W. West, H.E. Feigl et al. News methods of qualitative and quantitative analyses of selenium, titanium, chromium, cobalt and tin. Bol. Depart.Nac. Prod. Mineral 24 (1946-8)

With C.R. Hesg. Novos sais complexos de cianeto de paládio com bases orgânicas (1949)

With H.E. Feigl. Novo método de identificação de cianetos, baseado no desmascaramento de dimetilglioximo de potássio e paládio (1949)

Developed Feigl-Suter colorimetric test using sodium rhodizonate for forensic ballistics (1954)

Published Chemistry of Specific, Selective and Sensitive Reactions (1949) in Brazil. It was considered one of most notable works in chemistry of all the times. 
Chemistry Nobel Prize nominee (1955, 1957, 1962, 1963 & 1966)


With R. Moscovici a color test for the detection of sulfoxone sodium in very small quantities

With R. Moscovici a new test for monochloroacetic acid (1955)

With C. Costa Neto spot test for diketones and quinines based on catalytic effect (1956)

With V. Gentil & Jungreis a spot test for aliphatic and aromatic cyanides

With V. Gentil a new spot reaction for tin based on the fluorescent absorption compounds

With V. Gentil & Stark-Mayer a test for secondary alcohols and 1,2 diketones

With V. Gentil & D. Goldstein a spot test for thallium with Rhodamine B

With D. Goldstein a specific test for cobalt (1956)

With D. Goldstein & Libergott three spot tests for the detection and differentiation of cyanamide and dicyandiamide

With Krumholz invented quinalizarin test

With Krumholz benzidine reaction of silicic acid




Feigl test for antimony

Feigl test for cobalt

Feigl cerium tests

Feigl micro reaction for copper

Feigl micro-reaction for phosphate

Feigl-Pavelka calcium test

Feigl-Zappert acetic acid test

Leitmeier-Feigl test for chromium in minerals

Feigl-Leitmeier diphenylcarbazide test

Feigl-Neuber copper tests

Griess-Feigl reagent (p-nitroaniline)

Feigl-Anger reaction for detecting hydrocyanic acid and cyanogen (1966) with Vincenz Anger

Feigl-Silva reaction

Feigl Ni-dimethylglyoxime reagent (1966)

Krumholz-Feigl-Rajmann reagent (1931)

Thiocyanate-stannous chloride method of Feigl-Krumholz (1932)

Feigl-Krumholz test or method (1933)

Feigl-Krumholz gas-reaction vessel

Feigl-Zappert-Vasquez for methylcetones 

Feigl test for nickel 

Feigl test for manganese, cerium, cobalt and titanium 

Feigl reaction for mercuric salts 

Feigl reaction for cerium 

Feigl-Neuber test for tin 

Feigl-Frehden test 

Feigl-Demant test 

Feigl-Chargav test 

Feigl reagent for metallic sulfides 

Feigl reagent for gold, silver and palladium 

Feigl reagent for copper 

Feigl-Pollak reagent for silver

Feigl reagent for phenols


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