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Florence family

Antoine Hercule Romuald Florence, French-born Brazilian photographer, painter, engraver and printer (Nice 29 February 1804 – Campinas, São Paulo State 27 March 1879)
Presented first detailled report about Apiaká Natives
Enunciated the concept of soundscape and specificity of animal voice


Developed poliphotographic process, a photographic process that permit obtaining copies by contact in photosensitive substances impregnated paper (1833) before Talbot (1834-9)

First used paper in photographic essays before Talbot  

Coined the term photography independently (1833)

Proposed the use of ammonium hydroxide in fixing photographical pictures 


Created poligraphy, a new printing method (1830)

A new system to use musical notation for recording BIRD songs and vocalizations of other animals (Zoophony)

A new printing method to avoid falsification (1842)

Described type-syllables, a forerunner of shorthand (1847)

Invented pulvography, a powder printing process (1860)

Printing of oil paintings and colored prints

Stereo painting  (1859)

Pneumatic or hydrostatic wheel (1838)

Production of chili hats and every kind of straw hats (1839)

A wash hair (1858)

Synoptic dictionary (1853)

A new archictectural order named Palmian or Brazilian (1852)
His son, Guilherme Florence, mining engineer (Campinas, São Paulo State 19 June 1864 – São Paulo 05 October 1942)
Created a new method for rapid determination of monazite based on microscopical observation
Imagined a process of volumetric dosage of molybdenum and phosphor in iron and manganese ores described in Rev Soc. Bras. Ciencias 3, 1919
Patented Pyrites Formicides, a component of ant killer (1904) 



Florenceia Mezzalira 1974 (Fossil Bivalvia)

Florencite Hussak & Prior 1900 (Mineral)