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Florence family

Antoine Hercule Romuald Florence, French-born Brazilian photographer, painter, engraver and printer (Nice 29 February 1804 – Campinas, São Paulo State 27 March 1879)
Presented first detailled report about Apiaká Natives
Enunciated the concept of soundscape and specificity of animal voice


Developed poliphotographic process, a photographic process that permit obtaining copies by contact in photosensitive substances impregnated paper (1833) before Talbot (1834-9)

First used paper in photographic essays before Talbot  

Coined the term photography independently (1833)

Proposed the use of ammonium hydroxide in fixing photographical pictures 


Created poligraphy, a new printing method (1830)

A new system to use musical notation for recording BIRD songs and vocalizations of other animals (Zoophony)

A new printing method to avoid falsification (1842)

Described type-syllables, a forerunner of shorthand (1847)

Invented pulvography, a powder printing process (1860)

Printing of oil paintings and colored prints

Stereo painting  (1859)

Pneumatic or hydrostatic wheel (1838)

Production of chili hats and every kind of straw hats (1839)

A wash hair (1858)

Synoptic dictionary (1853)

A new archictectural order named Palmian or Brazilian (1852)
His son, Guilherme Florence, mining engineer (Campinas, São Paulo State 19 June 1864 – São Paulo 05 October 1942)
Created a new method for rapid determination of monazite based on microscopical observation
Proposed a process of volumetric dosage of molybdenum and phosphorus in iron and manganese ores described in Rev Soc. Bras. Ciencias 3, 1919

Proposed the use of microscope to study of silk crystals 

Patented Pyrites Formicides, a component of ant killer (1904) 



Florenceia Mezzalira 1974 (Fossil Bivalvia)

Florencite Hussak & Prior 1900 (Mineral)