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Finochietto brothers

Enrique Finochietto Chammas, Argentine surgeon (Buenos Aires 13 March 1881 – Buenos Aires 17 February 1948)

Son of Genovese immigrants
Authored over 100 papers

Described valvular occlusion in megasigmoid

With C. Squirru described mixed inguinal hernia (1917)



Created paradoxical incision

Developed a new surgical technique for operation of digestive system (1924)

First applied aspiration to liquid and drain collections

Invented a general process for treatment of hydatid cyst by aspiration of the liquid

Modified Gutierrez incision for parotidectomy

Introduced the use of cotton gloves rather than rubber gloves for handling of intestinal loops (with his brother)


Invented 67 surgical apparatuses

Designed forceps of varying sizes

Denticles forceps

Double forceps for hemostasis and grommets

Ligature pusher for control of haemorrhage

Knots tightener

Operating table with hydraulic management  

Table for proctological surgeries

An electric surgical table with engine

A special orthopedic table


Cannula for transfusion

Surgical aspirator

Surgeon’s bench

Spatula for goiter

Giant rectoscope

Cranial trephine


Hand drill

Autostatic vesical separator

A set of abdominal valves

Finochietto intercostal separator (1930)

Finochietto needle holder 

Finochietto bladder retractor 

Finochietto thoracic retractor (1936)

Finochietto stirrup  

Finochietto valves  

Finochietto thoracic rib spreader

Finochietto spreader  

Finochietto rib retractor

Finochietto clamp

Finochietto forceps  

Finochietto suture forceps

Finochietto thoracic forceps

Finochietto thoracic scissors

Finochietto scissors  

Finochietto wire holder

Finochietto trocar

Finochietto artery clamp  

Finochietto clamp carrier  

Finochietto ligature carrier

Finochietto laminectomy retractor

Finochietto needle

Finochietto extensor

Finochietto cutters

Finochietto ratchet

Finochietto rectosigmoidoscope

Finochietto gastroenterostat

Finocchietto tourniquet


Finochietto operation

Finochietto-Durante Avellanal technique

Finochietto sign for fecaloma of sigmoid colon

Finochietto drainage

Finochietto prepuce plastic operation for phimosis

Squirru-Finochietto method for inguinal hernia repair

Finochietto method of introducing button for lateral intestinal anastomosis

Lahey-Finochietto colostomy
His brother, Ricardo Carlos Alberto Finochietto Chammas, surgeon (Buenos Aires 25 April 1888 – Buenos Aires 01 April 1962)

Described ischaemic contracture of the intrinsic muscles of the hand known as Finochietto syndrome

Retraccion de Volkmann de los musculos intrinsicos de los manos.  Bol. Trab. Soc. Chir. 4:31, 1920
Developed a treatment method of suprancodylar humerus fracture
Developed a band for calcaneus traction and a knife to elevate large skin areas (1920)

Elaborated methods for anesthesia of menisci and block of facial nerve

With J.V. Uriburu. Tecnica de la descapsulación renal por anuria. Prensa Med. Argent. 35(38):1804-9, 1948

With J.V. Uriburu & N.V. Turco. Tecnica de la vaguectomia toracica o supradiafragmatica. Dia Medico 20:700-2, 1948

With A.R. Albanese proposed axillary evacuation in breast cancer surgery (1938)

With A.R. Albanese. La lumbotomia vertical paravertebral. Prensa Med. Arg. 27(5):243, 1940

With A.R. Albanese. Suprarrenalectomia. Tecnica. Prensa Med. Arg.37:1915-8,  

Meniscos de la rodilla: tecnica para la extirpación del menisco interno. Rev. Cir. Bs. Aires 12:321-57, 1933

With Atilio J. Lasala. Quiste hidatido del higado abierto en las vias biliares. Técnica de la laparotomia transtorácica extrapleural lateroanterior. Prensa Med. Argent. 36(30):1421-8, 1949 



Finochietto sign in meniscus lesion (1930)

Finochietto release of hand contracture

Finochietto transpancreatic choledochotomy

Finochietto method for skeletal traction

Finochietto manoeuvre (1920)

Finochietto Test (1935)

Finochietto intracystic operation

Finochietto-Yoel triangle

Finochietto-Bunnell sign  

Finochietto interdigital traction device

Finocchietto Radical mastectomy (1957)