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Elisa Frota-Pessoa

Elisa Esther Maia Frota-Pessoa, Brazilian physicist (Rio de Janeiro 17 January 1921- Rio de Janeiro 28 December 2018)

Nee Elisa Esther Habbema de Maia from partial French and Dutch ancestry

She was married to physicist Jayme Tiomno in second marriage.

With O. Frota Pessoa. Estudo matemático da disjunção mendeliana. Rev. Fac. Nac. Filosofia (1944)
Suggested parity disintegration with J. Tiomno (1945)
Showed using nuclear emulsions pion disintegration in muon
With Neusa Margem Amato. Sobre a desintegração do méson pesado positivo. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 22:371-83, 1950.
With N. Margem & Mario B. Aragão. A new radioactive method for marking mosquitoes and its application. Proc. Geneve Conference on Peaceful Applications of Atomic Energy. page 40, 1955. 
Discovered sum method for analysis of reactions with heavy targets in relation to emergent particles. The discovery was first used in 
with T. Borello, O. Dietzsch, C.Q. Orsini & E.W. Hamburger. Detecção de Níveis Fracamente Excitados na Reação Sn122 (d,p) Sn123. Ciencia e Cultura 21(2):170, 1969.  
With A. Cardoso, R.M.S. Leitão, A. Marques, R. Pimenta, M.Rodrigues & V.C. dos Santos. An instrument for studies in after-effects of nuclear disintegrations (1996) 

Discovered more than 100 nuclear levels with other physicists between them many spectral levels with E.W. Hamburger