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Domingos José Freire Jr.

Domingos José Freire Jr., Brazilian chemist and physician (Rio de Janeiro 05 November 1843 –Rio de Janeiro 21 August 1899)
Authored over 100 works on chemistry and medicine 
Enunciated Freire law “the climate diversity displays infeccious species diversity and in consequence  pathogenic microbian diversity” (1894) 
Discovered an alotropic state of bromine  (1890) and the pentagonal schema of aromatic series in organic chemistry
Discovered the fat substances fermentation later confirmed by Van Tieghem

Proposed the cyanic function 


Isolated alkaloid that named grandiflorine (today solasonine) from Solanum grandiflora

Sur un alcaloide du fruit du loup. Comptes Rendus de Seances de l’Academie de Sciences. CV(22):1074-6, 1887. 
Introduced pereirine hydrochloride in therapeutics (1887)
Discovered a purgative resin from Solanum paniculatum (1890)
Developed a device for extracting dissolved gases in organic liquids alternative to Alvergniat pneumatic pump (1881)  
Developed processes for dosage of oxygen in organic fluids, gelatin in peptones and gases in urine

Developed a new warm filtration system of broth for microbian culture media (1892)

With J. Clarimundo Nobre de Melo. Sobre um novo sistema de filtração a quente dos caldos para o cultivo dos microorganismos (1892)

A new volumetric process for quinine dosage of quina barks in sulphate state

Novo processo volumétrico para dosar a quinina das cascas da quina no estado de sulfato. União Medica 4:108-13, 1884

A process for gelatin dosage in medicinal peptones

Processo para dosar a gelatina que falsifica as peptonas medicinais: pesquisas feitas no laboratório da Faculdade de Medicina da Corte. União Médica 2:61-3, 1882.  

A new volumetric procedure for urine oxygen dosage

Nouveau procede pour doser volumétriquement l’oxygene de l’urine. Comptes Rendus dês Seances de l’Academie dês Sciences. LXXXI:229, 1881
A new reagent for detecting gelatin  
A new synthetic method, the slow absorptions method

Warning tube for Marsh apparatus

Tubo de aviso para o aparelho de Marsh. Gazeta Medica Brasileira, 1882. 

An embalming process (1882)

With Charles Berthaud. A new system of distillation of alcoholics fluids (1886)

With Felicissimo Rodrigues Fernandes. A process of milk storage (1887)

A process for fresh meat storage and dried meat processing (1887)

With Joaquim M. Caminhoá patented conservation of fresh products employing an antiputrid gas (1888)


Honorary President, Pharmacological Section, International Congress of Medical Sciences, Bruxelles (1875)

First Class Medal, International Medical Congress, Washington, USA (1887)

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