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Djairo Guedes de Figueiredo

Djairo Guedes de Figueiredo, Brazilian mathematician (Limoeiro do Norte, Ceará State 02 April 1934 –

Authored 93 papers and 4 books

With F.E. Browder introduced the term π1-space (1965)

Stated and proved a fixed point theorem for weakly continuous maps in Banach spaces (1966)

With E. Mitidieri obtained some sufficient conditions for validity of the maximum principle for cooperative and non-cooperative elliptic system (1991)

Defined the notion of G operator  

With M. Cuesta & J.P. Gossez proved the existence of a first non-trivial curve in the Fucik spectrum of the p-Laplacian (1998)

With J. Yang proved a priori bound for positive solutions of semilinear elliptic systems with nonlinearities depending on the gradients (2001)

With J.P. Gossez & P. Ubilla, introduced notions of local superlinearity and local sublinearity in J. Func.Anal. 199(2):452-67, 2003

With B. Ruf & J.M. do O extended the notion of critical growth to superlinear nonlinearities which don’t have a polynomial growth (2005)

With B. Sirakov showed that a class of nonlinear elliptic systems have the property that all their positive classical solutions are uniformly bounded (2005)

With B. Ruf & J.M. do O proved the existence of positive solutions for non-variational elliptic systems in dimension two (2008)

With E.M. Santos & O.H. Miyagaki obtained new Hardy type inequalities and proved sharp pointwise estimates for functions in the Sobolev spaces of radial functions defined in a ball (2011)


Telesio Galilei Gold Medal 2011  

Full Professor, Illinois University (1967-73)

Associate Researcher, University of Chicago (1966-7)