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Clementino Fraga

Clementino da Rocha Fraga, Brazilian physician (Muritiba, Bahia State 15 September 1880 – Rio de Janeiro 08 January 1971)
Authored important studies about beri-beri and malaria

Described an adrenal form of malaria that became known as Fraga’s syndrome communicated primarily to Sociedade Médica dos Hospitais da Bahia in 1914

Suprarenal syndrome in paludism. Proc. Am.Soc. Trop. Med., 1917

Described a sign of suprarenal insufficiency known as Fraga’s sign or orthostatic tachycardia

Sobre um sinal de insuficiência suprarenal. Soc. Med. Hosp. Bahia, 1916.

Proposed Clementino Fraga classification for adventitious breathing sounds