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Alvaro Froes da Fonseca

Alvaro Fróes da Fonseca, Brazilian anatomist and anthropologist (Porto Alegre 26 March 1890 - 1988)

Reported possibly an unique case in anatomic literature about anastomosis in cranial nerves

De Nature lusu. Sobre uma anastomose entre os IX e XII pares craneanos. Doctoral Thesis (1914)

Reported a variety of pelvic colon

1 – Sobre uma variedade do colon pelvico. Descripção e apresentação da peça. 2 – Ligamentos do joelho. Comm. Soc. Med. Bahia (1921-5)


Created a new anthropometric index  the superoinferior index of body (1926)

Idealized diameters and indices such as bucal, bi-orbital and Froes da Fonseca tibio-pelvic indices

Modified Dubois cephalization formula and Lapicque radio-pelvic index

A new index relating to upper and lower halves of sternal body 

Presented a new technique for measuring sternum 

Modified Kruse scale (Froes-Kruse scale)

Developed new models of notecards for anthropometric measures



Life Member, Anatomisch Gesellschaft (1939)