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Sergio Estrada Parra

Sergio Antonio Estrada Parra, Mexican immunologist (Ciudad de Mexico 27 September 1935 -

Showed the nucleic acid immunogenicity and ATP molecular conformation (1965)

Reported the use of transfer factor in herpes zoster

With R. Cabezas-Quiroga, L. Padierna, J. Padierna, C. Fernandez & P. López. Immunotherapy with transfer factor in patients with herpes zoster. Biotecnol. Aplic. 7(1):51-7, 1990

Developed the transfer factor (an immunomodulatory drug kown as Transferón)

With O. Velasco-Castrejón, E. Garcia Procel, R.M. Martínez & M.E. Castro-Mussot. The transference factor as the only therapeutic resource in a case of the anergic chronic coccidioidomycosis. Rev. Latinoam. Microbiol. 16(3):137-41, 1974


With O. Rojas Espinosa. Un nuevo metodo para obtener Mycobacterium lepraemurium purificado. Rev. Latinoam. Microbiol. Parasitol. 10:152-6, 1968

Papers in top journals

With R. Soria Castro, Y.G. Meneses Preza, G.M. Rodríguez López, A. Ibarra Sanchez et al. Valproic acid restricts mast cells activation by Listeria monocytogenes. Scientific Reports 12(15685), 2022

With R. Soria Castro, A.D. Chavez Blanco, B.E. Garcia Perez, I. Wong Baeza et al. Valproic acid inhibits interferon γ production by NK cells and increases susceptibility to Listeria monocytogenes infection. Scientific Reports 10 (17802), 2020

With D. Alarcón Segovia, E. Fishbein & E. Garcia Ortigoza. Uracil-specific anti-RNA antibodies in scleroderma. Lancet 1 (7903):363-6, 1975

With A. Schmill & R.M. Martínez. Reaction of adenine-specific antibodies with denatured deoxyribonucleic acid. Nature 208:1010-2, 1965

With M. Heidelberger & R. Brown. The immunologically specific capsular polysaccharides of the pneumococcal types XVIII and XVIIIA: Similarities and differences. Science 144 (3618):563, 1964



With I.C.E. Estrada Garcia & S.M. Perez Tapia. Method for obtaining a dialyzable leukocyte extract. WO2013/089550 (2013) & US9,328152B2 (2016)


With I.C.E. Estrada Garcia & S.M. Perez Tapia. Metodos de obtención de extracto dializable de leucocitos MX338863 (2016)

With M.del C. Jimenez Martínez, Y.O. Garfías Becerra, I. Estrada Garcia & S.M. Perez Tapia. Composición farmaceutica a base de extracto dializable leucocitario para el tratamiento de la querato conjunctivitis no infecciosa (2012)

With M.del C. Jimenez Martínez, V.M. Bautista de Lucio, I. Estrada Garcia, S.M. Perez Tapia & J. Serafín López. Composición farmaceutica a base de extracto dializado de leucocitos para el tratamiento de conjunctivitis infecciosa (2012)

With S.M. Perez Tapia, L. Pavón Romero, A.Y. Limón Flores, E. Medina Rivero & I.G. Mora. Proceso de producción de factor de transferencia (2011)