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Recep Egemen

Recep Egemen, Turkish geologist and paleobotanist (1912 – 17 August 1963)

Described the fossil plant genus Linopteridium 1958 and the species Linopteridium densenervosa 1958


The Neogene flora of some lignitiferous formations in Turkey. Abstr. Pollen et Spores 4(2):342, 1962

On some xeromorphic plant forms from the upper boundary of the Carboniferous of Turkey. Abstr. Pollen et Spores 4(2), 1962

Phytopaleontological report on the fossil plants collected by Nebert. M.T.A. Report (1960)

On the significance of the flora found in the Ihsaniye beds at Kozlu, Zonguldak. Rev. Univ. Istanbul 24(1-2):1-24, 1959

On the significance of some forms of Neuropteris gigantea Sternberg from the Carboniferous of Anatolia (Turkey). J. Paleont. Soc. India 3:179-84, 1958

Paleobotanik ders kitabi (1958)

A preliminary note on fossiliferous Upper Silurian beds near Karadeniz Eregli. Bull. Geol. Soc. Turkey 1(1):53-9, 1947

With S. Pekmezciler. Rapport geologique sur le Carbonifere d’Amasra. M.T.A. Report nº 1636 (1945)

A comparative study of the leaf architecture of some fossil plants with particular reference to the flora of the Anatolian Carboniferous strata (1941)


Egemenisporites Agrali 1969 (Fossil Sporae/Pollen)