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Omar El Seoud

Omar Abdel Monein Abou El Seoud, Egyptian-born Brazilian chemist (Cairo 21 May 1945 -

Coined the term surface active ionic liquids or SAILs

With P.A. Pires, T. Abdel Moghny & E.L. Bastos. Synthesis and micellar properties of surface-active ionic liquids: 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium chlorides. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 313(1):296-304, 2007

His work was cover of a review

With P.D. Galgano. Micellar properties of surface active ionic liquids: A comparison of 1-hexadecyl-3-methyl-imidizolium chloride with structurally related cationic surfactants. J. Col. Interf. Science (2010)

With L.A. Ramos, D.L. Morgado, V.C. da Silva & E. Frollini. Acetylation of cellulose in LiCl-N,N-dimethylacetamide: first report on the correlation between the reaction efficiency and the aggregation number of dissolved cellulose. Cellulose (London) 18:385-92, 2011.

With H. Nawaz & R. Casarano. First report on the kinetics of the uncatalyzed esterification of cellulose under homogeneous reaction conditions: a rationale for the effect of carboxylic acid anhydride chain-length on the degree of biopolymer substitution. Cellulose (London) 19:199-207, 2012.

With C.T. Martins & B.M. Sato. First study on the thermo-solvatochromism in aqueous 1-(1-butyl)-3-methylimidazolium tetraflouroborate: A comparison between the solvation by an ionic liquid and by aqueous alcohols. Journal of Physical Chemistry 112: 8330-9, 2008.

With P.L. Silva, M.A.S. Trassi & C.T. Martins. Solvatochromism in Binary Mixtures: First Report on a Solvation Free Energy Relationship between Solvent Exchange Equilibrium Constants and the Properties of the Medium. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 113:9512-9, 2009.


With P.A.R. Pires, N.I. Malek, T.C. Teixeira, T.A. Bioni & H. Nawaz. Imidazole-catalyzed esterification of cellulose in ionic liquid/molecular solvents: a multi-technique approach to probe effects of the medium. Indust. Crops Products 77:180-9, 2015

With M.I. El Seoud & J.A. Mickiewicz. A proton and carbon 13NMR study on the state of water solubilized by detergent aggregates in organic solvents

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With R. Casarano. Sistema de solventes, processo de produção de um sistema de solventes e seu uso. BR10 2013 0010979A2 (2013)