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Mohamed Ahmed El-Nesr

Mohamed Saad Ahmed El-Nesr, Egyptian nuclear physicist (1934 -

Performed discoveries on properties and structures of atomic nucleus

Co-authored many papers with his wife Ekbal Bashandy


With E. Bashandy. Internal conversion coefficients of the K-forbidden M1 transitions in Tm169. Atomkernenergie 22(1):59-61, 1973

With E. Bashandy. Inner conversion process of electric dipole in Hf180 and W182. Z. Physik 265:313-23, 1973

With G.M. El Sayad. Studies on gamma decay of Hf180. Tokyo Sugaku Kaisya Zasshi 24(3):610-4, 1968

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With Z. Grabowski & E. Bashandy. Gamma-gamma directional correlation in W182. Arkiv Fysik 23, 1963

With E. Bashandy & S.C. Pancholi. Half-lives of the 67.7, 100 and 222KeV transitions in W182. Nuclear Physics 41:346-52, 1963

With E. Bashandy. A measurement of the lifetime of the first excited state in Er166. Arkiv Fysik 22 (1962)

With Z. Grabowski & J.E. Thun. A search for nuclear structure effects in Tm169. Z. fur Physik 167:111-22, 1962

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With E. Bashandy. Energy dependence of beta-gamma directional correlation in the decay of Lu177. Eur. Phys. J. 167:100-10, 1962

With T.R. Gerholm & R. Othaz. Improved experimental methods for electron gamma directional correlation measurements. Arkiv Fysik 21, 1962

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With J.E. Thun, Z. Grabowski, W.D. Hamilton et al. Angular correlation measurements in Hf177. Nuclear Physics 29:13-20, 1962

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With E. Bashandy. Lifetime measurements of the first excited states in Os186 and Os188. Nuclear Physics 34:483-90, 1962

With D.A. Mahmoud. Analysis of scintillation spectrometer observations of Co60 and Na24 gamma radiation through cadmium. Radiat. Res. 14:17-22, 1961

With R. Othaz. A study of beta-gamma directional correlation in the decay of Au199. Nuclear Physics 27:507-15, 1961

With M.G. Mousa. K-shell conversion coefficient of the 412 KeV pure transition in Hg.

His wife, Ekbal Khedr Bashandy, physicist (Minia, United Arab Republic 09 March 1934 –

Authored Methods for the measurements of sub-nanoseconds lifetimes of low energy nuclear levels