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Luis Enrique Erro

Luis Enrique Erro Soler, Mexican astronomer (Villa de Chalco, Ciudad de Mexico 07 January 1897 – Ciudad de Mexico 18 January 1955)

Discovered at least 20 new variable stars


With S. Gaposchkin. On the eclipsing system of RZ Cassiopeiae

Variable stars in high latitude field 354. Bull. Harv. Coll. Obs. 913 (1940)


Lunar Erro crater

His nephew, Braulio Iriarte Erro, Mexican astronomer (Ciudad de Mexico 11 April 1920 – San Andrés Choula, Puebla State 13 August 1986)

Determinated light curvature of DYPegasus

With W. A. Hiltner & H.L. Johnson determinated the color diagrams of galactic clusters

With G. Haro & E. Chavira discovered a great number of planetary nebulae or T-Tauri stars


New blue giants between galactic coordinates 1=345º to 1=35°. Bol. Obs. Tonantzintla Tacubaya 2(11):27, 1954 (176)

Gigantes azules entre 1=330° y 1=35°. Bol. Obs. Tonantzintla Tacubaya 2(13), 1955 (110)

Nuevas estrellas de tipos espectrales tempranos con Hα en emission entre 1=338° y 1=33°. Bol. Obs. Tonantzintla Tacubaya 2(13), 1955 (79)

Lista de estrellas con Hα en emision entre 1=338° y 1=33°. Bol. Obs. Tonantzintla Tacubaya 2(14), 1956 (58)

Estrellas azules en el casquete galactico norte. Bol. Obs. Tonantzintla Tacubaya 2(16),  1957 (817)


With W.A. Hiltner & H.L. Johnson. The galactic cluster NGC6633. Astrop. J. 127:539, 1958

With H.L. Johnson & R.I. Mitchell. The color-magnitude diagram of the Hyades cluster. Astrop. J. 136:175, 1962

With H.L.Johnson & R.I. Mitchell et al. Five-color photometry of bright stars. Sky & Telescope 30(1):21-31, 1965

With H.L. Johnson & R.I. Mitchell. UBVRIJKL photometry of the bright stars. Comm. Lunar Photom. Labor. 4(3), 1966

With E. Chavira & O. Cardona. Changes in the Be stars of Cassiopeiae-Perseus region

Photoelectric photometry of faint blue stars at high galactic latitudes

Spectral types for the brightest flare stars in the Pléiades. Bol. Inst. Tonantzintla (1975)