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Khaled El Shazly

Khaled A. El-Shazly, Egyptian microbiologist and veterinary nutritionist (Tanta 14 January 1923 –

Discovered volatile fatty acids of branched chains as products of fermentation in the rumen (1952)

Discovered a Stickland type reaction 


With R.E. Hungate described a simple technique for measuring the rate of fermentation of rumen microorganisms (1965)

With R.E. Hungate. Method for measuring diaminopimelic acid in total rumen contents and its application to the estimation of bacterial growth (1966)

Naga-El Shazly method for counting rumen protozoan (1969)

With A.M. Nour & A.R. Abou-Akkada. A method for determining 2-aminoethane-phosphonic acid in rumen contents (1975)

Described a technique for determining fermentation rates  in the rumen