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Amin El Nawawy

Amin S. El Nawawy, Egyptian agronomist and microbiologist

With S.O.Gnan. Isolation and propagation of new methanol-utilizing microorganisms. Biotech. Bioengin.(1983)

Utilization of bagasse pith for the production of fodder yeast by a new isolate of Candida pelliculosa (1969)

With M. Fahmy & Y. Abdel Malek. Isolation and identification of a new strain of yeast suitable for growth on pentose substrates. 1st Conf. Microbiol. (1965)


With I.Y. Hamdan, I.M. Banat & N.M. Al-Awadhi. Process and microorganisms for producing single cell protein. US5314820A (1987)