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Trupapur Antony Davis

Trupapur Antony Davis, Indian agronomist and botanist (Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu 09 February 1923 – 10 November 1989)


Developed a mathematical solution to the structure of the sunflower head

Developed instrumentation for agricultural research

A climbing device to reach the palmyra’s valuable “toddy” (1984)

Climbing the coconut: new machine for climbing palms with smooth trunks. World Crops 13:20-1, 1961 

With N.A. Nagaraj & K.P.V. Menon. Sap transfusion, a new device for virus transmission trials in plants (1954)

With A.P. Anand & K.P.s. Menon. Injection in coconut palms for curative purposes. I. Methods of injection. Indian Coconut J. 7(2):49-60, 1954


With S.S. Ghosh. Effect of rainfall on production of coconut. Ind. Coconut J. 13(5):3-7, 1982

With J.A. Milbum. Role of pressure in xylem transport of coconut and other palms. Physiol. Plant 29:415-20, 1973

Effect of foliar arrangement on fruit production in some tropical crop plants. Trop. Ecol. Org. Prod. (1972)

Fibonacci numbers for palm foliar spirals. Acta Bot. Neerl. 19:249-56, 1970

Possible geo-physical influence on asymmetry in coconut and other plants (1966)

Contribution to the physiology of the coconut palm (1964)

With J.C. Selvaraj. Floral asymmetry in Malvaceae. 67(2):402-9, 1964 

With N.G. Pillai. Exhaust of micronutrients by the coconut palm – a preliminary study. Ind. Coconut J. 16:18-9, 1963

The dependence of yield on asymmetry in coconut palms. J. Genet. 58:186-215, 1963

Clonal propagation of the coconut. World Crops 21:253-5, 1962

Vegetative propagation in the coconut. Nature 196:904-5, 1962 

High root pressure in palms. Nature 192:2778, 1961

Rejuvenation of coconut palms. Coconut Res. Inst. Ceylon 12:224-8, 1958