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Shaojun Dong

Shaojun Dong, Chinese electrical chemist (Shandong, Qingdao Province 26 June 1931 –

Gained wide recognition in the field of analytical electrochemistry

Authored over 450 papers


Improved the separation of rare earths by electrolysis (1959)

Gave important studies on chemical modified electrodes  

Proposed a new production method of chemical modified electrodes

Developed a variety of new types of chemical modified electrodes

Developed an electrochemical sensor which aroused widespread interest at international level

Proposed a new light transmission method of electrode interface reaction

Improved significantly the detection, sensitivity and efficiency of spectroelectrochemical methods

Proposed the ultrafine modified electrode electrocatalytic theory and its experimental methods

Reported the porphyrin-modified activated carbon for electrochemical sensors (1981) 


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PATENTS (11; incomplete)

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