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Sailesh Chandra Dutt

Sailesh Chandra Dutt, Indian helminthologist and parasitologist (Sylhet, Bangladesh 11 January 1919 – 16 August 1979)
Authored over 100 research papers
With H.D. Srivastava elucidated the life cycle of Stephanofilaria assamensis, the causative agent of cattle humpsore (1963)
Identified the intermediate host of human and pig parasites (Gastrodiscoides hominis) and its transmission
With M.C. Agrawal. Method of maintenance of fresh water snails in the laboratory. Gujvet 8:55-7, 1974


Genera (Trematoda)

Orientobilharzia 1955 with Srivastava

Sinobilharzia 1955 with Srivastava 


Cercaria hardayali 1970

Cercaria helicorbisi 1968 with Kumar & Jain

Cercaria shibi 1958

Cercaria srivastavai 1957

Cotugnia columbae 1969 with Malviya

Cotugnia srivastavai 1970 with Malviya

Gastrothylax indicus

Orientobilharzia dattai 1952

Parafilaria sahaii 1978 with Srivastava

Raillietina mehrai 1971 with Malviya

Raillietina singhi 1971 with Malviya

Setaria indica 1963