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Sachindra Nath Gupta

Sachindra Nath Dasgupta, Indian mycologist and plant pathologist (Jalpaiguri 04 November 1902 – 11 September 1990)

Demonstrated the cause of tip necrosis of mango and developed economic means to control this disease spraying borax

Described the dieback of mango

With A.T. Zachariah. Dieback of mango. A new disease in India. Ind. J. Bot. 24(1):101-8, 1945

Proposed that the sum of metabolic pattern that should be basically considered for the determination of aggressiveness of a pathogen (1959)

His work Saltation of Fungi (1936) earned him great international repute

Described at least 77 species of aquatic fungi (63 of them with Rachel John)


Honorary Member, American Phytopathological Society & Société Botanique de France