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Rene Drucker-Colin

René Raul Drucker-Colin, Mexican neuroscientist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 May 1937 – Ciudad de Mexico 17 September 2017)

Authored studies with 4,000 citations (H-index 19)

Showed the role of proteins and peptides in regulation of REM sleep

With C.W. Spanis, C.W. Cotman & J.L. McGaugh. Changes in protein levels in perfusates of freely moving cats relation to behavioral state. Science 187:963-5, 1975

With C.W. Spanis. Neurohumoral correlates of sleep:increase of proteins during rapid eye movement sleep. Experientia 31:551-2, 1975

First to find the precise localization of biological clock

With R. Aguiar-Roblero, F. Garcia Hernandez, F. Fernandez Cancino & F.B. Rattoni. Fetal supraschiamatic nucleus transplants: diurnal rhythm recovery of lesioned rats. Brain Res. 311:353, 1984

With I. Madrazo Navarro suggested autotransplantation of suprarenal glands segments to brain for treating Parkinson disease (1986)

With I. Madrazo, V. Díaz, J. Martínez-Mata, C.F. Torres & J.J. Becerril. Open microsurgical autograft of adrenal medulla to the right caudate nucleus in two patients with intractable Parkinson’s disease. New England J. Med. (1987)

With I. Madrazo, M. Madrazo, A. Zarate, V. León, C.F. Torres & P. Reyes. Tecnica quirurgica del injerto autologo de medula suprarrenal al nucleo caudado para tratamiento de la enfermedad de Parkinson. Gac. Med. Mex. 124 (9-10):365-9, 1988

Proposed an innovative technique for investigating brain activity during sleep using Fos-like immunostaining

With H. Merchant-Nancy, J. Vazquez de Rose & F. Garcia. Brain distribution of c-fos expression as a result of prolonged rapid eye movement (REM) sleep period duration. Brain Res. 681:15-22, 1995

Developed recording technique of simultaneous unit activity at intracerebral perfusion in free-running animals


With A.K. de la Herrán & R. Vidaltamayo. A new model of narcolepsy arising from OE/3 (Ebf2)-NULL mutant mice (2010)

With R. J. Sallin Pascual. A novel effect of nicotine on mood and sleep in major depression (1998)

The function of sleep is to regulate brain excitability in order to satisfy the requirements imposed by waking (1995)

With F. Garcia Hernandez. A new motor test sensitive to aging and dopaminergic function (1991)